Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Scary Spice is a Brand New Mama

Flowers and pink balloons go out to Mel B a.k.a Scary Spice of former UK girl band Spice Girls who delivered a 5 lb. 4 oz. baby girl in Los Angeles at 12.11 a.m. on April 3. Her 7-year-old daughter Phoenix Chi and mother were present at the birth. Notably absent was Mel B’s ex and rumoured father Eddie Murphy. The Norbit star (ouch) publicly disputed the paternity claim in a TV interview last year. When asked if he and Melanie were excited about the baby, he replied, "You're being presumptuous, because we're not together anymore. And I don't know whose child that is, until it comes out and has a blood test. You shouldn't jump to conclusions, sir." Chivalrous.

Eddie is currently dating music producer Babyface’s ex-wife Tracey Edmonds. He also already has five children with freakily slender ex-wife Nicole. We’ll be keeping a look out for any early photos of the baby as experts suggest newborns are genetically predisposed to bear a striking resemblance to their fathers (supposedly to ensure they stick around). Interesting factoid: the baby was born on Eddie’s 46th birthday.

Source: Celebrity Baby Blog

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