Monday, 2 April 2007

New Pregnancy Checklist: Dining a Deux

Let’s clear one thing up. The phrase ‘eating for two’ doesn’t mean scoffing down double portions. After all, even at birth your baby weighs less than a 10th of your poundage. In fact you only need an extra 200-250 calories daily and that’s not until the last trimester. Think quality not quantity, especially in the first trimester when cravings abound and the sights/smells of even your favourite foods could give your belly the heave-ho.

The UK Food Standards Agency has a guide to eating well whether you're trying to conceive or heading for the labour ward. At Pregnancy Today, you'll find a list of foods to avoid when you're with sprout. If that makes for depressing reading, cheer yourself up with a copy of the Healthy Pregnancy Cookbook. It offers more than 100 safe, tasty and satisfying recipes for the mama-to-be.

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