Monday, 2 April 2007

New Pregnancy Checklist: Baby Yourself

Nobody may be able to tell you're pregnant yet, but that doesn't mean you're not feeling the pressure. Growing a baby is exhausting work from the outset and the first 12 weeks leaves most women feeling drained. One of the most important things you can do is to take regular, relaxing breaks to keep both mind and body on an even keel.

Indulge in a Pregnancy Pampering Kit from Earth Mama Angel Baby that includes morning wellness tea and a bottom balm to counter any haemorrhoids-in-waiting. Mama Mio offers sensuous massage oils and a list of spas that provide their deluxe Mama's Touch treatments. Bumping Brits can splash out on Nurturer's personal services including anything from biking waxing to household maintenance. If you're in New York, don't miss out on the brand new Peppermint Reflexology technique at Maternal Massage and More.

Photo via Maternal Massage and More

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