Thursday, 5 April 2007

Mamalingual Dictionary: Highchair Five

Highchair Five (noun). 1. the five pounds or more weight gain caused by polishing off your baby's leftovers (origin: BNM 2007)

There are countless guides for parents with toddlers who are picky eaters. But few mention one of the side effects of having a fussy feeder: mum often feels inclined to finish off what her baby hasn’t started. Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t bear to see food go to waste. And my hips are paying the price.

Here are my top 10 tips to combat the Highchair Five (or in my case, Highchair Fifteen):-

1. Offer smaller portions – most toddlers eat like birds, not vultures.
2. Share family meals – having your own plate will stop you eyeing baby's.
3. Chew like a baby – savour(or in his case spit) every mouthful and don't stuff.
4. Serve healthier options – swap oven chips for carrot sticks.
5. Add less salt – it's better for baby and less appetising for you.
6. Graze with your toddler – switch huge dinners for 5 to 6 mini-meals a day.
7. Eat his crusts – wholewheat crusts are packed with goodness.
8. Do some strollercise – walk off the baby fat.
9. Have a hot drink – a cup of lemon tea is fat free and keeps your mouth busy.
10. Throw leftovers away – it’s really that simple.

We realise that tip 10 is guilt-inducing for some. But eating every last morsel won’t do anything for starving kids in Africa. In fact, think of your greedy gut as an insult to starving kids everywhere. Toss those scraps.

Pic via Tiny Tums

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