Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Mamalingual Dictionary: Daddyproofing

Daddyproofing (verb) 1. a new mother taking sometimes extreme measures to ensure her child is safe and secure while in his daddy's care (origin BNM 2007)

Hands up: have you ever watched your baby daddy with your joint progeny and thought ‘what the hell is he doing to my precious child?’ Do you sometimes shudder to imagine what they get up to when you’re not around? Papa may be the Shiniest of New Dads, having attended every antenatal class and now handling diaper duty and night shifts without batting an eyelid. And yet the first time you leave baby alone in his care you might be fighting the urge to put safety locks on your pride and joy.

The daddy of all dads Dr. Sears explains in this CNN article how fathers have their own parenting styles which are meant to complement (sometimes improve on) our own. But even the most laidback mama (or stay-at-home-dad) is a potential micromanager when it comes to her favourite project. We’re so caught up in the personal responsibility/power trip of being primary caregivers that it can be hard for us to let go and let daddy do his thing. In the early days watching my husband casually lobbing Mr. Cheeks into the air, or even now when he gives him Pringles for breakfast, my daddyproofing instinct kicks in. Stop! I want to yell. You'll destroy everything I've worked for! But instead I get a grip, count to ten, inhale and exhale. Daddy and baby are doing just fine. And mama’s taking a breather.

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