Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Mamalingual Dictionary: Kegel Knievel

Kegel Knievel (noun) 1. a woman who rides her pelvic floor muscles like a motorcycle stunt professional (origin: Brand New Mama 2007)

Even if you've never read Cosmopolitan magazine or tried to hold back your pee when you're bursting, you cannot make it through pregnancy without discovering the joy of Kegel exercises. And rightly so. The general wear and tear on the muscles attached to your pelvis caused by carrying and releasing a baby can lead to untold future problems from urinary incontinence to uterine prolapse. Like any major muscle group, the pelvic floor muscles can be strengthened and toned through a series of repetitive contractions. By learning to isolate the right muscles and doing regular practice, you'll soon be flexing like a pro. As this Babycenter article explains, becoming a Kegel Knievel should improve circulation, help speed healing after childbirth and prevent unwanted leaks. And both you and your partner will enjoy the fringe benefits.

Evel Knievel photo via Evel 1

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