Sunday, 25 January 2009

Baby blogging

If you're anything like myself, you probably spent maybe a couple of months of your child's life obsessively recording every little dribble and gurgle. But as time went by, you soon gave up on your baby record book and before you knew it the first year went by in a blur.

Luckily for the cyber-generation, there are a range of web sites out there aimed at people like us who need a cute, plain and hassle-free way of keeping track of our baby's milestones. Keepaboo is a fab online record book that allows you to collect and preserve those treasured memories from the first tooth, to weight and growth charts to those early attempts at speech. You can add pictures and favourite quotes, share with family and friends via email or even on Facebook and in the near future you'll be able to print off a hard copy of your book for posterity. Best of all, it's completely free! Check out Keepaboo to view a sample book and get some inspiration.

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