Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Soothe a fever

Tis the season of coughs and sniffles and one of the most worrying times for any Brand New Mama. If you've got an infant who's under the weather, you'll want to be certain he has a fever before reaching for the Calpol. But how to get your poorly little wriggler to stay still long enough for that oral, armpit or rectal thermometer to get a precise reading?

Grab yourself one of these nifty Digital Soother Thermometers from Bruin. It looks and feels like a regular pacifier but will glow red when a fever is detected. It can be used in both celsius and fahrenheit and has a memory feature to recall previous readings. Soothing for baby and simple enough for the most sleep-deprived mum, these Bruin Digital Soother Thermometer can be found at Babies R Us stores or online.

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