Monday, 2 February 2009

Yummy mummy

In the hectic days after the birth, every new mother needs a helping hand - especially in the kitchen. When you spend what seems like every waking minute with baby attached to breast or bottle, it can be easy to forget or hard to find a moment to feed yourself.

What you really need is a New Mummy's Yummy Gourmet Box, a fabulous gift idea from Babes with Babies. This consists of 20 hand-made, healthy frozen meals by award-winning company Chef on Board, delivered to your door. The gift box contains two helpings of such tasty dishes as Beef Lasagne, Coq Au Vin, Moussaka and Luxury Fish Pie and contain no artificial additives or strong spices to affect the little one if you're breastfeeding.

Chef on Board can also cater to any special dietary requirements including fare specifically for vegetarians. Get a gourmet box for one of your expecting buddies or just treat yourself by special order from the Babes with Babies web site.

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