Monday, 10 September 2007

Ring leader

I came across an ad for Susan Astaire’s Baby Ring© in a magazine and couldn’t resist checking out the web site. Each handmade gold or silver band features a pink or blue diamond surrounded by white diamonds to signify the arrival of a girl or boy. For added effect (and more spend), you can have the child’s name engraved on the inside of the band.

It might seem a bit strange to get a diamond ring dedicated not to hubby but to baby, but the trend for buying mothers bling to celebrate births seems to be growing thanks in part to the Hollywood baby boom. We’re not ones to turn our noses up at a fine piece of sparkle on whatever occasion but doesn’t it just add to the pressure for ordinary mortals to keep up with the Mr & Mrs Jones (or the Cruises or Jolie-Pitts)? Given the current divorce rates, maybe baby rings are set to take over from engagement rings as the ultimate symbol of lifetime commitment. For more info, visit the web site.

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