Thursday, 6 September 2007

Glow to Bed

Night sweats, leaky boobs and bed head. In the days and weeks after giving birth, you’ve never been in more need of beauty sleep and yet sleep proves disturbingly elusive. So here’s something to perk you up: these ’Cheeky’ PJs from Glow Maternity. Made from 100% cotton, this pyjama set can be worn through bump and beyond, thanks to the adjustable drawstring waist. There’s a discreet side opening in the top so you can breastfeed without having to hide out in the bedroom when guests pop by to ogle baby. The sleek yet comfy stripy tank and sweats combo makes ideal loungewear and yet is smart enough to make you look like you've had time to shower. Available in sizes 8 to 20 at Glow Maternity.

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