Friday, 21 September 2007

Clever Clippers

One of the first tests a new mama has to face is learning to cut her newborn’s fingernails without causing untold physical or emotional trauma. Baby nails are so soft and their fingers so tiny that it only takes a slip to accidentally nick the skin. Thus many mothers approach baby manicures with almost as much anxiety as if they were performing surgery on their infant. The best advice doctors give is to trim babies’ nails while they’re asleep but if your child is lying in a darkened room it’s almost impossible to see what you’re doing.

The Baby Light & Clip was invented by a mother to take the stress out of baby manicures. The battery-operated nail clipper comes with four safety features: a lighted nail clipper that illuminates under the baby’s nail to show where to safely trim; safety guards to stop you cutting baby’s skin; a tray to catch clippings before they fall into baby’s bedding; and increased visibility of sharp edges that could scratch baby’s skin. It also features a comfort control handle for easy working and a compact storage case. This multiple award-winning product is loved by mums and is available at the website.

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