Saturday, 31 March 2007

New Pregnancy Checklist: Stop Fuming

It stinks. It kills. It rots your teeth, causes wrinkles and burns a hole in your pocket. And you still can't put it out. But if you won't quit the cancer sticks for yourself, do it for your unborn child. Smoking is linked to a host of problems for the foetus including birth defects, abnormal lung development and stillbirth. Read the March of Dimes foundation's fact sheet for a quick anti-nicotine fix. If that doesn't shake you up, see the pregnancy and smoking section at Why Quit. For direct help in kicking the habit, visit the US Surgeon General's consumer guide.

And don't think that just because you're a non-smoker, you're off the hook. Second-hand smoking can also affect your baby, so try to avoid smoky areas. Persuade those around you - especially your partner or housemate - to stop puffing in your presence. If you're timid of tongue, this slogan t-shirt should get your message across loud and clear.

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