Monday, 15 June 2009

What Dad really wants

It's not the first time I've bemoaned the lack of decent maternity lingerie on the high street. Even finding a good fitting nursing bra can be a struggle if you wear a popular size. So I'm happy to send any readers in search of solid yet sexy undergarments along to Ma Mere, a site dedicated to designer lingerie from Australia and around the world.

With Papa's day approaching, the canny mompreneur behind the megastore is offering a special promotion to help keep the home fires burning: buy any 2 sets of Hot Milk undies and receive a free pair of Milkman boxers for your partner. Now that's what we call the gifts that keep on giving. Check out Ma Mere web site for more info.

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Anonymous said...

Also if you want something similar with cheaper postage than from Aus-I was bought a really beautiful present by my sister-in-law from Amoralia. It was surprisingly comfortable too! would def recommend it.