Thursday, 14 May 2009

Pudding in a pouch

One of my baby essentials since having Little Big Cheeks is my Rhubarb & Custard pouch sling. Even though my chunky Bhudda is too heavy for toting around town all day, my sling certainly makes things easier on my arms and back. Plus I always get compliments on its pretty pistachio print.

Cape Town company Rhubarb & Custard is run by a mother of three who's passionate about babywearing. I met Emilia at the Baby Show in October while trying out different carriers over my bump, and what really sold me on her product was not just how easy it was to wear but her enthusiasm and warmth. Each sling not only comes in a wide range of funky fabrics, but also features her contact details for direct feedback or support.

Rhubarb & Custard pouch slings are machine washable, made with 100% cotton lining and are suitable from birth to 18 kgs. Visit the web site for details on these and other products.

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Melissa said...

I never carried my baby (who could also easily go by "little big cheeks") with a sling, but I always wondered how it would be. We have used the baby bjorn since she was just a few weeks old and really liked it. I think for the next one, I'll get a sling, though...even if it's just for the fashion! :)