Sunday, 3 January 2010

Get Cozi this winter

Like many mothers, one of my top resolutions for the new year (make that the new decade) is to get more organised. Figuring out how to juggle your growing family's commitments can make you feel like Kali on a bad day.

Now I've found an online tool that looks like it might just change my life. Cozi is an internet-based organiser designed to streamline your routine, making it easier to keep up with your busy family life.

Through its handy system of calendars and schedules Cozi helps you keep track of appointments, groceries, chores and to-do lists. The Cozi site can be accessed by any family member from anywhere with an internet connection - even via mobile phone. You can also sync your Cozi calendar with Microsoft Outlook to stay on top of important dates.

Another great feature is the Family Journal that lets you keep a record of family life with text and photos that you can share via email or even Facebook. Visit Cozi for more tools and tips that could make 2010 the year you finally get closer to being a 'super'-mum.

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