Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Pat a cake

While running errands with my weary babies in West Hampstead, I happened to pass by this delicious looking cake shop and couldn't resist popping in for afternoon tea.

What a treat. We were greeted so warmly by the ladies behind the counter who went to some trouble to squeeze us into what is admittedly a smallish space if you're buggy-ing out. I indulged in a Victoria sponge slice while Mr. Cheeks had a marshmallow-topped cupcake and both were just the right mix of fluffy and sugary. The owner was preparing for a birthday party at the back with a gorgeous spread and I made a note that this would be a great place to hire for events.

Bake-a-boo is definitely a local favourite for mums and little ones, judging by the easy camaraderie between some customers and staff. There's something about the old-school candies, pretty dressing and fresh cakes like your own mama baked that calls you to Bake a Boo. They also cater for sweet tooths who suffer from allergies and intolerances, so there's no excuse not to pile on pounds with the rest of us! Visit the Bake-a-boo web site for a mini-feast for the eyes and other enticements.

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