Sunday, 7 December 2008

Brownies for baby mamas

Gushing phone calls, texts, cards and even flowers are all very well when you've had a baby. But after going through the resplendent drama of childbearing and birth, every Brand New Mama deserves something a little more indulgent. That's why the canny folk at Silver Bee Bakery have come up with a range of packaged goodies for mum and child.

With my second baby's arrival imminent in the next couple of months (ah, the 'secret' is out!), what I'm craving is a New Mummy's Pampering Kit complete with balms for lips, face and feet, organic soap and a sweet Anne-Claire Petit knitted rattle for the bubba. And of course the star attraction -- a huge tin of Chocolissimo brownies to keep my energy and spirits up during those 24 hour feeding-changing-feeding sessions.

I had a chance to sample one of these brownies at the London Baby Show and I have to say that they are hands down the most gooey, chocolatey, tongue-twistingly sensational brownies I've tasted in a long time. Give someone you know a new mama/papa/baby or Xmas gift to remember with an order from Silver Bee Bakery.

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