Sunday, 2 November 2008

Water Sport

One of the stands that caught our eye at October's Baby Show in London was selling something called the Baby Sport Water Bottle Teat Adaptor. The name is pretty self-explanatory but we'll break it down anyway: basically it's a little gadget that attaches a standard baby teat to any 'baby-friendly' water bottle. It creates a watertight seal and saves you having to boil and cool your baby's water before you head out the door.

The product is 100% BPA free and will work with almost any brand of low mineral water bottle suitable for babies from 5/6 months e.g. Spa, Aqua Pura, Evian, Highland Spring and Volvic. The BabySport adaptor is ideal for travelling abroad and will help keep your baby safely hydrated in countries where the tap water is dodgy. Find out more at the Baby Sport web site.

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