Thursday, 23 October 2008

It's a wrap

Like most multi-tasking mamas, finding a fashionable product with multiple uses gives us an almighty buzz. So we were positively electrified to come across the M Coat, a Canadian Spirit designed coat that converts from maternity coat to new mummy cover-up and finally to a stylish jacket for when you're back to regular size.

Insulated with 100 percent Canadian down and featuring a detachable faux fur trim hood, what makes this coat so clever is the removable front panel that can be zipped into multiple positions for pregnancy or for toting your bubba in a front-carrier. The panel has an adjustable drawstring waist to allow your blooming belly to expand or to help pull your baby closer when used for babywearing. And when you're done with the infant stage, you can whip the panel off to reveal the sleeker version of yourself stylishly wrapped in what looks like a brand new winter coat! Find out more at the M Coat web site.

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