Thursday, 14 August 2008

Top Summer Read

We were lucky enough to receive a copy of Brain, Child – the “magazine for thinking mothers” – and we can’t wait to recommend it to all our mama friends. The summer edition of this quarterly features insightful and incisive articles ranging from a cutting report on the inaptly named Camp Baby event for mom bloggers (no actual babies allowed) to an expose on the deception and debt that often lies behind those tempting ‘work from home’ business offers.

Our favourite elements of the magazine are the personal essays by mothers who write with intimacy, honesty and even humour about topics as difficult as miscarriage, disability and helping a child to handle the death of someone close. Brain, Child is the perfect antidote for new mums who are worried their grey matter has turned to mush and this edition definitely makes the Top 10 of our summer reading list. Visit the Brain, Child web site for sample articles and subscription info.

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