Saturday, 2 February 2008

Love yourself

As Cupid tunes up his bow and gets ready to make mischief, it’s time to stop mooning around and focus on what you really want for Valentine’s. If you (or lover boy) are stuck for ideas, may we suggest a spa voucher as the gift that keeps on giving? After being literally consumed by your baby for months on end, you deserve some one-on-one pampering. Grayshott Spa is just one of many top UK spas that offer personalised treatments for new mothers and expectant mums (not suitable for the first 12 weeks or after week 36 of pregnancy). Their maternity packages range from a 70 minute session to 7 nights of pure unbridled luxury for you and a partner…with a price tag to match. Still, you’re worth it. Reservations can be made online at Grayshott Spa.

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