Saturday, 14 July 2007

Rock 'n' stomp

We've just returned from the south of France to find that the English summer is still a washout. But it's festival season and neither hail nor high water will keep party happy parents from having fun in the great outdoors. I just read this great piece about a mum who took her five-month-old to Glastonbury and lived to tell the tale (and get dissed by killjoys on the comment board).

We're keeping things low-key and heading to the free RISE anti-racism fiesta at London's Finsbury Park. Hopefully the heavens will smile on us but I'll pack trainers along with flip-flops just in case. What I really want is a pair of these Mommy and Me Tossed Skull rainboots by Diane's Little Lambs so Mr. Cheeks and mama can feel a little bit rock 'n' roll (and represent daddy's favourite motif). DLL Rainwear do a fab range of matching mama and toddler rainboots - or wellies as we Brits call them - that will appeal to every mood from princess to pirate. Yo ho ho.

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