Wednesday, 6 June 2007


If you want to preserve an image of your pregnant self, and be pampered into the bargain, you'll be pleased to hear about a brand new treatment from Belly Vita, a Chicago-based product line dedicated to maternal luxury. The Belly Imprint Spa Treatment and Sculpting Kit is the only patent-pending and scientifically tested belly sculpture designed to capture your bump and nourish your body simultaneously. You start with a soothing aromatherapy oil massaged into your belly followed by a soft fabric immersed in sculpting powder and water being moulded onto your torso while you relax.

It takes 15-20 minutes to set and the finished masterpiece (or mistresspiece?) can be decorated and displayed in the nursery or elsewhere in the home. It's almost enough to make up for that beached whale feeling of the final trimester. Experience the Belly Imprint at one of several spas nationwide (US only) or order online and treat yourself at home.

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